Kuragehime // Princess Jellyfish

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Clothilde IV from “Le Visiteur du Futur”


Clothilde IV from “Le Visiteur du Futur”

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I need to test this right now: Reblog if you think Tyler Posey is spectacular and there would be no teen wolf without him.

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After seeing the success of tumblr user righteouspumpernickel's Crystal Reed Appreciation Project I decided I would follow in her footsteps and create a Tyler Posey/Scott McCall Appreciation Project.

In the past, Scott McCall has sadly not always received a ton of love/attention from the Teen Wolf fandom, something Tyler Posey himself has noted which absolutely breaks my heart. Recently he touched on the subject of people only watching the show for sterek and I hate that he thinks there is a portion of this fanbase that does not think Scott McCall is an absolute McCutie. 

So in order to show Tyler Posey how much we adore him and his character I need your help! I’ll be putting together some sort of book which I will give to him when I meet him on April 26th and I need you guys to send me: 

- letters

- graphics

- fan art

- pictures/collages

- basically anything that you can make that somehow demonstrates your love for Posey/McCall. 

I’ll be checking the tag Posey Appreciation Project but you can submit stuff directly to me, you can fanmail me links of stuff you’ve already posted, you can make a private post on your blog and link me to that, really whatever works. If you’d like the mail them to me you can send me an ask and I’ll make that happen for you.

So long as it sticks to appreciating Posey/Scott and you submit it to me by April 20th it’ll be included in the book. I even plan on getting all graphics/fan art printed specially so quality isn’t an issue.

And please spread this around, I want to make sure this book as big as possible. 

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"And so it all begins. This boy’s name is Yusuke. He’s 14 years old and is supposed to be the hero of the story…but oddly enough, he’s dead."
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There’s something weird about these pictures…. i can’t quite put my finger on it…

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be the person scott mccall knows you can be

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